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Fwd: Newsletter - Die Zeit der Großmanöver

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Newsletter - Die Zeit der Großmanöver
(Eigener Bericht) - Inmitten sich verschärfender globaler Spannungen bereitet sich die Bundeswehr auf eine der größten NATO-Kriegsübungen seit dem Ende des Kalten Kriegs vor. Die Verlegung von 10.000 deutschen Soldaten mit schwerem Gerät nach Norwegen hat begonnen. Dort wird in Kürze das Manöver Trident Juncture 2018 mit über 40.000 Militärs und rund 10.000 Landfahrzeugen starten. Teil der Übung ist die abschließende Erprobung der NATO-"Speerspitze", die ab dem 1. Januar 2019 von Deutschland geführt wird. Szenario ist ein NATO-Krieg gegen einen "Angreifer", der nach Lage der Dinge nur Russland sein kann. Trident Juncture 2018 ist vorläufiger Höhepunkt einer ganzen Reihe gegen Moskau gerichteter westlicher Großmanöver. Moskau wiederum hat nach dem Urteil von Experten mit dem kürzlich beendeten Großmanöver Wostok 2018 bewiesen, dass ihm im Konfliktfall "enormer operativer Handlungsspielraum" zur Verfügung steht. Zugleich spitzt sich die Lage unter anderem mit US-Sanktionen gegen eine Abteilung von Chinas Verteidigungsministerium weiter in Richtung auf eine Weltkrise zu.

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Bill Evans - Waltz For Debby

Fwd: The must-see events at photokina 2018 & the making of a cinematic trailer

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Subject: The must-see events at photokina 2018 & the making of a cinematic trailer
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The must-see events at photokina 2018 & the making of a cinematic trailer


People walk up the steps of an exhibition hall to photokina
Get your hands on the latest Canon kit, hear inspirational talks from the experts and enjoy award-winning work – there's something for everyone at photokina 2018. This imaging industry trade show is running from 26 to 29 September in Cologne, Germany.
A man and woman sit at a kitchen table with eerie yellow light coming in from outside. A film crew record them


"The biggest challenge was that our idea was too ambitious for the limited time we had. But we wanted to push the boundaries," says director Jonathan Jones, who shot a dramatic trailer in three days using the full-frame Canon EOS C700 FF.
Inside the exhibition hall at IBC 2018


Another action-packed International Broadcasting Convention showed how the broadcast industry is continuing to change. Here are the highlights from the Canon stand at IBC 2018.

Three L-series lenses on a grey background


From the first Canon camera lens to use fluorite in 1969 to the latest developments in lens technology, see the history of the L-series lens in an insightful timeline.
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Fwd: Rosenstein's fate up in the air; Kavanaugh's first interview since sexual misconduct allegations; Cosby sentencing begins

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Subject: Rosenstein's fate up in the air; Kavanaugh's first interview since sexual misconduct allegations; Cosby sentencing begins
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Kavanaugh: 'I will not be intimidated into withdrawing'
Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is speaking out after a second accuser has come forward. He said in a new letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee: "The vile threats of violence against my family will not drive me out. The last-minute character assassination will not succeed."
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Rosenstein decision postponed for now as he and Trump set Thursday meeting
For a brief time today, it appeared that the man overseeing the Russia investigation -- Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein -- might be out. He's still on the job, but his future is uncertain and he'll be discussing it with President Trump later this week.
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Citing U.S. sanctions, Iranian President says he has no plans to meet Trump
In an exclusive interview with NBC News, Rouhani accused the U.S. of adopting a hostile stance toward Iran and turning its back on diplomacy after its unilateral withdrawal from a nuclear agreement with Iran.
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Bill Cosby sentencing trial begins
Guilty of three counts of aggravated indecent assault, prosecutors asked the judge to sentence Cosby to 5 to 10 years in prison, while Cosby's lawyers said he should be placed under house arrest due to his age and poor health.
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Dallas police department fires officer after manslaughter charges
Earlier this month, Officer Amber Guyger entered the wrong apartment in her building and fatally shot the man who lived there, mistaking him as a burglar.
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Rob Goldstone gives revealing look inside Mueller grand jury room
Music Publicist Rob Goldstone set up the Trump Tower meeting between Trump campaign officials and a Russian lawyer promising dirt on Hillary Clinton in 2016. He tells NBC News' Cynthia McFadden what it was like for him to testify.
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Congress could require FAA to set minimum legroom and seat size standards
Under proposed legislation, Congress would order the FAA to set minimum airline seat sizes and legroom, prohibit airlines from bumping passengers who've already boarded, and regulate service animals.
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New device helps paralyzed patients walk again
The device is implanted on the spine and wakes up the nerves so they can function again, after intense therapy. Researchers report five paralyzed patient took steps for the first time with its help.
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Extended interview: Iranian President Hassan Rouhani
Iranian president tells NBC News he has no plans to meet Trump
Pain device zaps spine, helps patients walk
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